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Flip flop and fly productions

Live Recordings

Custom Merchandise

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Video and Music Studio

Custom Logos

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Flip Flop and Fly Productions aims to get you the best quality of video, audio and photography for all budgets no matter how big or small.

We believe that talent should be more important than how much money an artist or band can spend on their albums, videos and promotions

We offer all in one packages.

1: @ your practice room, party or live event

2: Playback programming for solo artists. Full band sound

3: Photo shoot, Music videos and professional audio recordings

4: You can also use our film and recording facilities in Thal im Heimisbach. 

5: Customized pencil and digital artwork for band logos, t-shirts and merchandise



Control room, large band room with pinao, drums, bass and guitar amps and lots of microphones

Up to 48 tracks live recording with a studiomaster mixingboard, prologic x and tascam/motu audio interfaces

4o square meter film studio with white or green screen, lighting, microphones, PA and three full HD cameras

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Prices start at only 40.- per hour

Video editing

Digital art

Studio recording 

Session musician

Midi programming and step editing

Live show video and photography

Live recordings

PA Rental

Transport and Booking services

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